How to Apply ChinChex to Get an Effective Result?

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ChinChex insecticide powder to kill bed bugs is safe to humans (adults and children) and mammals. It is way more effective in comparison to any bed bug sprayHere are some procedures that you should follow to get the best result:

  1. Safe to Humans (adults and children) and mammals.
  2. Minimal preparation, no need to wash all clothes or put them in bags.
  3. Use a mask and gloves
  4. Avoid using if suffering from respiratory condition
  5. Close all windows and air producing/filter appliances
  6. Use a brush (makeup brush) to spread the product, as if you were painting
  7. Do not over apply, a very thin layer is enough
  8. Cover electrical appliances (the dust is very light and will float in the air), to avoid them getting dust once it settles
  9. Apply to bed frames, mattresses, walls, sockets, and furniture areas suspected to have bed bugs…. Below you can see detailed explanation for each item, for better results please follow it.
  10. When finished the application, leave the premises for at least one hour to let the dust that is floating in the air settle.
  11. When back to your home, proceed to clean the excess of dust. You can use a wet cloth to clean top surfaces, you can mop or vacuum the floor (when vacuuming, avoid using machines with HEPA filters as they can overheat and break…). Do not clean the areas where ChinCheX was specifically applied.
  12. ChinCheX is effective for up to 10 years if undisturbed.


Preparations Before Applying Chinchex

Before you start applying the ChinChex’s  pest control bed bugs removal you need to do a little preparation to avoid any kind of mishappening

  • Cover all electrical appliances including Television
  • Wear protection mask and rubber glove
  • Remove or cover food, cooking utensils, and other personal items from the area that will be treated
  • Follow all the guidelines written on the manufacturer’s instructions of ChinChex insecticide.


How to Apply Chinchex on Mattress?

Follow the basic guideline while applying the ChinChex powder to kill bed bugs:

  1. Remove the bed sheets and wash them.
  2. Apply ChinChex with the brush to all edges of the mattress paying attention to make sure that you insert ChinCheX to all holes, cracks and crevices.
  3. When finished, make sure that you place clean bedsheets to avoid direct contact to your skin while sleeping as it may be uncomfortable.
  4. We do not recommend to apply ChinChex to the pillow.



How to Apply ChinChix on Bed Frame?

The bed frame is a paradise for bed bugs, ChinChex if applied properly can remain effective until 10 years. So, follow the instructions when applying ChinChex on bed frame:

  1. Apply ChinCheX by “painting” with it all areas of the bed frame, inclucing headboard, legs and drawers if any. Remember to not over apply, it should be a very thin layer (nearly not visible)
  2. Make sure to introduce ChinCheX to all holes, screws, cracks and crevices (bed frames and headboards are usually the most highly infested areas)
  3. We recommend to not clean too much the bed frame to avoid future re infestations.



How to Apply ChinChix on Sofa?

Sofa and couch are one of the favorite hiding spots of bed bugs. Usual bed bug spray or DE powder has not been very effective in eradicating bed bugs.

ChinChex bed bug powder kills bed bugs completely and prevents future re-infestations. While applying Chinchex on sofa follow the below guidelines:

  1. Apply to cushion bottoms and edges (don’t apply to areas where you touch directly)
  2. Apply to all seams in the sofa
  3. Apply to sides and back of the sofa
  4. Apply to bottom and legs, if the sofa bottom has a covering fabric, apply to all its perimeter as this is usually a harboring spot for bed bugs in sofas.



How to Apply ChinChix on Walls?

Follow the below guideline for better results:

  1. Apply to the floor edges, this area usually has many holes and cracks, please make sure that you introduce ChinCheX to all of them
  2. “paint “ wall corners
  3. “Draw” a line (about 5 cm thick) all along the wall so any bed bug going up or down will touch the insecticide.
  4. Apply around socket edges (bed bugs tend to hide in sockets), CAREFUL!!!!! Do not try to introduce inside sockets.



How to Apply ChinChex on Suitcase and other furniture. 

Bed bugs can hide anywhere so it is important to apply Chinchex bed bug powder on all furniture. Consider these points while applying:

  1. Apply only to the outside of furnitures, remember that the ber bugs will only need to touch ChinCheX.
  2. Apply to the outside of doors and drawers edges.
  3. Apply to corners
  4. Apply to legs.


Unlike bed bug sprays and other insecticides, ChinChex is an environment-friendly & safe product. But there are some safety norms that everyone should follow while dealing with insecticides. 

    • If ChinCheX stays in your skin, it can make it dry. If that happens, wash and apply moisturising cream
    • ChinCheX is 100% amorphous silica gel, if you breath it will not create sickness but can create dry throat, coughing and itchiness, if that happens, move the person to fresh air and offer water, if the problem persists seek medical attention. DO NOT USE IF SUFFERING RESPIRATORY CONDITION.
    • TOXIC, the toxicity level of ChinCheX is extremely low and similar to table salt. Eaten in small amounts will not cause any problem
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