Kill Bed Bugs with the Most Effective Bed Bugs Insecticide

Bed bugs are found in every country and Singapore is no exception.

also, bed bugs in Singapore are increasing like wildfire.

These tiny insects are tough to kill, and it usually takes a combination of multiple methods to obliterate an infestation. 

If you want to know how to get rid of bed bugs then the easiest solution would be to call Pest Control Company.

However, if you want to kill bed bugs yourself and save some money, then there are some bed bugs insecticides available in the market that may temporarily help ease the situation. 

Some of them can even eradicate the infestation completely if applied correctly. 

But to kill bed bugs completely you need to pick the best Insecticides for bed bugs

In this blog, we will tell you what kind of insecticide kill bed bugs.

We have listed some of the top bed bug insecticides of Singapore and stated their advantage and limitations. 

As we told you that some bed bugs insecticide are better than others, so, a product like “ChinChex Bed Bugs Insecticide” completely eradicates an entire infestation, others don't. 

Here are some bed bugs insecticides available in the market which you can use to kill bed bugs – their advantages and limitations:

  • Borates (Brand name: DustMitex, Bora-Care, and Tim-bor


The first bed bugs insecticide is Borates. 

This insecticide to kill bed bugs is safe around humans and pets and can be applied anywhere. 

Since it is safe, residents and pets do not have to be

relocated when it is used during the de-infestation of bedbugs.


It has been found that while borates effectively eradicate cockroaches and ants, they do not eradicate bed bugs because bed bugs do not feed on borates, and to be effective, borate must be ingested. 

So, if you want a powerful insecticide to kill bed bugs Borate might not be a good pick for you. 

  • Diatomaceous Earth or DE (Brand name: Debugx100, MotherEarth D,

Grandpa’s DE, and JT Eaton’s Bed Bug Spray...)

This bed bugs insecticide is safe around humans and pets. 

Diatomaceous earth is made up of small particles that seem smooth to us, but to a bedbug, they are razor sharp.

As they walk across the DE, it cuts their abdomens. 

This causes them to become dehydrated and eventually die. It is very slow-acting. 

If applied correctly, DE is quite effective to control a bed bug infestation but not to eradicate a bed bug infestation. By itself, DE will not work.


While DE is a viable option, it provides only a 65% mortality rate, also DE takes up to 2 weeks to kill them. 

In conclusion, to be more effective, DE must be used along with other products. 

So, if you are looking for the insecticide to kill bed bugs fast, then Diatomaceous Earth or DE is not a good fit for your requirements. 

  • Silica Gel (Brand name: “ChinChex Bed Bugs Insecticide”)

Silica gel is safe on humans and pets and kills bed bugs by desiccation.

They act fast and kill the bugs before they have a chance to reproduce. 

Silica dust is safe, odorless, and will not leave a stain. 

ChinChex is by far the safest and the most effective solution against bed bugs.


Some discomfort when applying.

You need to vacate the room after applying for an hour or so. 

In conclusion, Silica gel (“Chinchex Bed Bugs Insecticide”) is the best treatment and far more effective than the other bed bugs insecticides in the market. 

So, if you were looking for a solution on how to get rid of bed bugs then this bed bugs insecticide should be your best pick. 

This bed bug insecticide has been made after years of research and study and that's the reason it's so effective on bed bugs. 

The insecticide is also used by some of the well-known bed bugs eradication companies in Singapore.

You can also check bed bugs insecticide reviews to be sure.  


However, more and more often, people try a DIY solution using home


But, which home remedies for bed bugs actually work? And what can you do to help stop them from spreading? 

Here, we dig into which methods can be effective: 


Traps are not an effective way to exterminate a bedbug infestation. 

However, they’re an excellent way to determine whether you have them or not.


Talcum powder is a popular home remedy for bed bugs, but there is no scientific evidence to support the idea of talcum powder to get rid of bed bugs by dehydration. 

This is because the powder is not sharp enough to penetrate a bed bug’s exoskeleton.


Among other household products, these are the most popular ones believed to kill bed bugs. 

However, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that neither one of them is a successful home remedy to eradicate a bed bug infestation.

The theory is that (in the case of baking soda); the baking soda can absorb those surface fluids and cause the bugs to dehydrate. 

The problem with this idea is that baking soda doesn’t absorb fluids much, if at all. 

The absorption properties of baking soda are limited to odors and certain acidic chemicals.

Another theory is that baking soda is simply so abrasive that it can cut open bed bug shells. 

Comparisons are often made with diatomaceous earth (DE), which is similarly abrasive and is capable of cutting into a bed bug’s shell as well. 

The discussion of abrasive powder cutting into a bed bug is a bit exaggerated – diatomaceous earth (DE) cuts into a bed bug’s shell, yes, but not by very much. 

It mostly just sticks itself in far enough to stay on the bed bug while it moves around. No fine powder will pierce a bed bug enough to cause it any real injury.


The idea behind this home remedy for bed bugs is to use ultrasonic devices, typically those that you plug into the wall. 

The high frequencies of the sound waves emitted from the device are believed to be uncomfortable for bed bugs, forcing them to leave the area. 

However, there is no scientific evidence to prove this theory whatsoever.


Vacuuming is an effective DIY bed bug treatment.

Unlike other home remedies, this process can help remove both adult bed bugs and nymphs as well as the eggs. 

It is important to remember to empty the vacuum in an outside trash can to help reduce the possibility of them returning. 

However, like most DIY pest control solutions, vacuuming will not fully eradicate bed bugs from your home, but it can help reduce the numbers.


Steam treatments, when properly and directly applied, kill all life stages of bed bugs, including the eggs. 

However, it is not that simple, first, you have to keep steam heat on the area for an extended period of time if you’re trying to reach deep pockets in fabric or carpet.

Second, the steam works better at higher temperatures. 

That’s why you need to use either a high-quality steamer or a commercial one when using this method against bed bugs. 

A commercial steamer is different from clothing steamers and from carpet shampooers that utilize steam or heat. 

Neither of those gets as hot as a commercial steamer, and they do not get hot enough to destroy bed bugs. 

And finally, steam will only kill bed bugs in places where the steam can reach. 

So, even though steam cannot exterminate an infestation of bed bugs, it’s a good way to reduce the number of bed bugs in your home.


These are large, zippered covers that completely enclose your mattress. 

They’re designed to trap pre-existing bed bugs and prevent new ones from reaching your mattress. 

So, in one way, mattress encasements can stop bed bugs from biting you.

However, bed bugs usually do not only stay in the mattress, but they will also move to other areas of your home, hence you will still get bitten and the infestation will not be eradicated.

The above treatments are easy but can't guarantee permanent eradication of bed bugs. 

if you want permanent and complete removal of bed bugs then you need a powerful bed bugs control insecticide Singapore. 

The insecticide will be able to completely eradicate bed bugs from your home. 

It will also prevent the bed bugs from re-entering your house. 


By now you must be aware of the different types of bed bugs insecticides with their pros and cons. 

The choice is yours but if you want to kill bed bugs completely then Chinchex insecticide for bed bugs provides a complete eradication of these nasty creatures. 

 With Chinchex’s silica gel you would be able to eradicate bed bugs permanently at home. 

Chinchex’s silica gel is not only effective compared to other bed bugs insecticides but also it is long-lasting. 

Chinchex’s silica gel lasts effectively up to 10 years if not disturbed. 

So, instead of wasting huge amounts on Bed bugs eradication companies, or trying out different bed bugs insecticides, you can use Chinchex’s bed bugs insecticide. 

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Francisco Pazos; World-renowned bed bug expert with more than 10 years of experience in bed bugs research. MSc by San Jorge University (Spain). Certified by Cornell PMEP. Several studies from Harvard University. Spoke person for bed bug courses.